Our cost saving – energy efficient filter elements

Ultrafilter elements are specifically designed to filter dust, solid particles, oil aerosols, and water. Depending on the application we are able to offer 12 different types of filter media and we can supply these filter elements with stainless steel endcaps, aluminum end caps, and plastic endcaps.

Thanks to the unique combination of binder-free, non-woven nano-fiber filter media and pleating technology, a reduction in energy costs of 70% are achieved as well as improved filtration performance! This means there is a significantly larger area available for the air or gas to flow through in comparison to wrapped filter elements. The area of the filter is many times larger than it would be without pleating. If the pleated filter material were to be stretched out again, the area of the filter would be roughly 4 times larger than the area of wrapped elements, depending on the type and size of the filter element.

Nano fiber filter media

  • Multilayer, binder-free nanofiber media, made of borosilicate nanofibers with a void volume of over 98 %.
  • The three-dimensional construction extends the service life and filtration performance by effectively separating larger solid particles in the pre-filter layer.
  • Oleophobic – actively rejects oil and water, thus reducing differential pressure.
  •  Nanofibers are 10 times finer than micro-fibers

4 Reasons for choosing our filter elements with our unique Nanofiber filter media.

  1. Higher initial and ongoing efficiency: When a clean, new filter element is installed into the housing, OUR nanofiber filtration media captures dust particles more efficiently than ANY media without a nanofiber layer, even more efficiently than media with nanofibers from any of our competitors.
  2. The lower pressure drop across the filtration media saves up to 70% energy: Because our nanofiber media already starts capturing particles on the surface, it significantly reduces depth loading which results in more complete cleaning and guarantees a lower pressure differential across the filtration media, thus reducing energy.
  3. Significant longer filter life: Because of our UNIQUE nanofiber filter media and our filter surface loading characteristics, OUR nanofiber filters last significantly longer than any equivalent or alternative filter on the market.
  4. Flexibility in our alternative filter elements and their configuration will help you to UPGRADE your current filter elements to fitting ALFAFILTER elements: The expansion of filter configurations and the availability of premium nanofiber performance layer filters for a broader variety of alternative filter elements gives you the opportunity to make the switch from your current OEM elements to our OEM alternatives, without the need to buy new filter housings.

The pleated filter media

  • 450% larger filter area than conventionally wrapped filter elements.
  • Increased depth filtration capacity and aerosols achieved by combining several different filtration mechanisms.
  • Low airflow speeds ensure better retention of particles.
  • Mechanical pleating for consistently high standards.

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