March 2024 price update

Over the recent years, Ultrafilter has encountered unavoidable increases in operational costs attributed to raw materials, energy, and transportation. Despite our unwavering commitment to offsetting these costs through rigorous productivity and efficiency initiatives, the recent surge in expenses necessitates adjustments that can no longer be absorbed.

Our dedication to delivering products of the utmost quality and performance remains unwavering. In order to sustain these high standards, it has become imperative for us to implement a pricing adjustment across our entire product range.

Commencing March 1, 2024, the prices for the products supplied by Ultrafilter GmbH to your respected organization will be revised to reflect the increased costs of raw materials.

We wish to assure you that all orders placed on or before February 29, 2024, will be fulfilled at the rates specified in our 2022 price list.

We deeply value the partnership we have cultivated with your organization and express our gratitude for your understanding as we navigate through these necessary changes. Our dedicated team remains at your disposal to address any inquiries or provide further clarification you may require.

Click on the picture below to download the new price list.

Our products

Get an overview of our extensive range of high-performance industrial filters, the pureair filter range and third-party filter elements.

With the ultrafilter process filter program, we offer a wide range of process filters for the filtration of air, steam, technical gases and liquids.

Compressed air is an indispensable drive and process energy in all areas of industrial and manual production. Compressed air must be dry, oil-free and clean to avoid costly production downtimes.

During the compression process of the compressor, condensate accumulates, which already brings the intake air of the compressor with it in the form of water. In addition, there are tiny oil particles, dust particles, dirt particles and aerosols in the intake air to which the cooling and lubricating oils of the compressor mix and make the condensate contaminated and environmentally harmful.

Ultrafilter’s measuring technology consists of leak detection, dew point measurement, residual oil measurement, and much more

Ultrafilter’s alternative series uses our nanofiber technology creating better performing elements at a reduced energy cost

About Ultrafilter

High quality filtration

Ultrafilter Belux products are manufactured to a specification rather than a price. Only when we achieve the best result will it satisfy ourselves and our customers.

In our core competence, we focus on high-efficiency filters and dryers for the purification of compressed air, technical gases, and liquids. Filtration solutions are necessary to make everyday life possible. Whether in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry, or any other producing industry – our filtration solutions are required.

Quality is at the heart of any Ultrafilter product. It starts with an innovative, efficient design followed by the sourcing of the best raw materials and completed by state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and an extensive quality management system. All Ultrafilter products are manufactured by experienced manufacturing experts in Germany and are distributed worldwide.

Our goal is to achieve the best possible purification result for every application. The Ultrafilter Team is experienced and dedicated to ensuring superior performance. In addition, our filter systems are designed to the state-of-the-art. All of our products are reliable and manufactured to the highest quality standards where every single detail is of greatest importance. Only when we achieve the best result will it satisfy ourselves and our customers.

To obtain this first-class result, we utilize the highest quality of raw materials to produce our products. In combination with our manufacturing expertise, we create what our customers appreciate about Ultrafilter, an excellent purification result with a convincing price-performance ratio.

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