ultra.dry UFM membrane dryers are qualified for point of use applications and for small volume flows. The compressed air flows through a bundle of hollow fibers.

Since the moist compressed air flows down into the hole in the fiber, water vapor diffuses through the walls of the fiber. At the outlet of the device, a small volume of dry compressed air is expanded into the space around the outside of the fibers. The dry air sweeps the moisture from the outside of the fibers and the exhaust gases into the atmosphere as a humid air stream.

ultra.dry UFM – the membrane dryer with unique properties:

  • 14 different sizes with capacities between 2 and 180 m⊃3; / h (at a dew point reduction of 15 ° C) ensure a perfect adaptation to the required flow rate.
  • ultra.dry UFM membrane dryers reach pressure dew points down to -40 ° C for a wide range of applications.
  • Each membrane dryer is equipped with a calibrated air cleaning mixer. No further adjustments are necessary.
  • Due to the non-fiber-emitting membrane, ultra.dry UFM membrane dryers are suitable for medical applications.
  • ultra.dry UFM membrane dryers are extremely efficient thanks to their new, improved hollow fiber technology. Even at low-pressure dew points, only relatively little air cleaning is required.