Oil Maintenance Kits

Oil maintenance kits

Oil maintenance kits

Alfafilter® prides itself in being able to offer high quality, cost effective oil maintenance kits for use inline thanks to our Test point connection

Particulate contamination of oil is the major source of wear and failure in hydraulic systems, bearings, gears and engines. It is very important to know the cleanliness level of your oil and make every effort to keep it clean.

Also viscosity is the most important property of lubricating oil and significant change in oil’s viscosity is meaningful and should not be ignored. Viscosity monitoring can provide a view before a failure occurs. Common causes of viscosity changes are: overheating, mixed lubricants, wrong lubricant, additive failure, oxidation, fuel dilution, moisture and particle contamination.

For both of these major issues Alfafilter can now provide the correct testing kit tailored to your needs.

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