Polypropylene Membrane Cartridge Filters

PF-PP Serie cartridges are manufactured using a polypropylene membrane of uniform thickness and high voids, with a homogeneous structure and controlled pore sizes. They are designed for the removal of submicron organic and inorganic particulate matter. The inherent structural stability of the membrane eliminates any risk of media migration and minimizes the release of particles.

For solvent and aggressive chemical filtration applications, PF-PP Serie cartridges offer a wide range of chemical compatibility. They are suitable for the most demanding microfiltration applications and can be used for the filtration of aggressive chemical solutions, including acids, alkalis, solvents, and etchants.

PF-PP Serie cartridges can also be used for a wide range of venting and gas filtration applications.

Typical applications:

  • Pharmaceutical and Bioprocessing
  • Foods and Beverages
  • Inks and Coatings
  • Fine Chemicals
  • Sterile Vents
  • Process Water Systems