The ultrafilter P-SRF and SRF sterile filter is a wound depth filter made from a borosilicate glass fiber filter medium. The inner and outer support jacket and the end caps are made of stainless steel.
The separation rate is 99.99998% based on 0.01 µm. The three-dimensional depth medium has a void volume of 99%. This guarantees a high dirt holding capacity with low differential pressure and a high flow rate.

Depth filters are recommended as sterile filters for the food industry, they are typically installed locally, the closer to the point of use, the better. We recommend prior central compressed air treatment using particle and activated carbon filters and adsorption drying.

These filter elements can be sterilized. Sterilization can be done either in-line with steam or in an autoclave. To ensure the steam quality for sterilization, we recommend our steam filter P-GS. If possible, sterilization should be carried out after each production batch.
The sterilization temperatures vary depending on the duration between 110 ° and 140 ° degrees.