The Ultrafilter P-GS filter is designed to remove particles from gases, liquids, and water vapor.
The P-GS is made from a regenerable seamless filter tube made of sintered stainless steel.
The retention rate ranges from 1 to 25 microns.


  • Good resistance to most liquids, gases, and vapors
  • The degree of porosity is more than 50% and ensures a high particle and dirt resistance as well as a good flow rate at low differential pressure.
  • Regeneration through an ultrasonic bath
  • 18 different sizes for application volumes from 60 to 23.040 Nm3 / h based on 7 bar
  • Meets the requirements of the European Directive 97/23 / EC for pressure vessels
  • Plug connection guarantees that the elements remain securely fixed at all times.
  • Different size elements can be installed due to the modular structure.